Time Lapse

Inspired by a beautiful time-lapse movie of New York City вЂ˜The Sandpit’, I wanted to create a Time-Lapse film of my beautiful city; Amsterdam. With the usage of tutorials and some practice I created Concrete Jungle, a three minute time-lapse film of Amsterdam
I started off with a Time Lapse/Stop motion film of a pizza baking in the oven/then eating it. 136 photos and a few hours work resulted in a clip of just 16 seconds.
For вЂ˜Concrete Jungle’ I visited high-rise apartment buildings, office buildings and stood on the roof of a museum. With the SLR camera (NikonD2X) on a tripod, I used the interval recording feature to create about 3000 photos. I made several scenes, whereof 28 scenes made it to the film. In one second you see ten seconds (real-life) flashing by.
In 3 minutes and 30 seconds accompanied by the music of Jerry Martin (Central City Park) you can see the movements of Amsterdam flow by, as wild as a jungle, the Concrete Jungle!

The film consists of approximately 3000 photographs and is put together with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe After Effects CS5 The lenses used are Sigma 10.0-20.0 mm f/4.0-5.6 and Nikkor 18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6.
Music by Jerry Martin - City Central Park (Sim City 3000)

Concrete Jungle

Shot from different locations in Amsterdam and Zandvoort. Above 3000 stills.
Music from Sim city 3000, Jerry Martin - Central Park Sunday

Zandvoort Beach

Film of Zandvoort Beach shot on 21 February 2011 with a Nikon D2X. Around 1100 stills.
Music from Sim City, Jerry Martin - Building

The Short Life of Food

Pizza Mozzarella in 136 stills.

Brain travel

Thanks to fMRI